Wholesale, distribution and Retail stores for vouchers and CD-Key

Ecosystem of companies specializing in global payments and payment technologies. Through our brands, like Ar-Pay, backed up by this powerful in-house developed technology in the face of custom CRM, CMS, API, and other custom solutions.

Our most significant advantage is the in-house developed technology.

We are very proud of the qualified team of developers designing and implementing custom solutions in the FinTech field.

Card management CRM - Securely store, issue and manage vouchers and cd-keys.

The system is already integrated with several vendors and acts as an aggregator for gift card providers.

Card CRM
API integration
POS terminal

CRM for businesses

This solution is developed for Wholesalers and Retailers of vouchers and CD-Keys who wish to organise their work operations and manage their clients through a single digital platform. It could be integrated with any website and comes with a sophisticated fraud system.

Generate and distribute cards at scale.

API (application programming interface) This one-time integration will solve your storage issues. It will give you access to our content and catalogue information and allow you to purchase products in real-time.

Manage and sell in your physical store.

Point-of-sale (POS) is software that allows you to manage and sell in your physical store. You can issue the product on-demand through a secured interface and deliver it instantly to the customers.

Create your e-commerce website with our white label solution.

We will deploy the website on your domain and handle the technology part, so your business can focus on the operations and marketing needed to grow and expand. Starting your own business and owning an online shop has never been easier.

Get an eCommerce website

If you don’t have a website we provide an option to build an eCommerce website for you.



Get a Prepaid cards eCommerce website customized for you

Big catalog with over 300+ popular brands

Our catalogue and prices are market-wise competitive

Why choose us


Constantly improve our systems

Qualified team of developers
Fast-growing and expanding company

Specialized ecosystem of companies

Custom solutions and services
Instantly deliver vouchers and CD-Keys
Comfort and safe purchases
In-house developed technology
Focus on end user and security
Fully managed tools and reports
Alternative payment methods
High standard in payments.
Fraud system in place
One of the leading stores in the GCC

Build and upscale your business with HKS

Simple. Fast. Reliable. Secure.

  • Easy to use
  • System Maintenance
  • Data protection
  • Continuous Improvement
  • High security